Do We Need A Website Redesign?

Website Redesign

Do We Need A Website Redesign?

At what point do you come to the conclusion that your company needs a refreshed look with a website redesign?  Was your conclusion drawn from a functionality or branding base?  Whether you need advanced functionality or are needing a website redesign to match your updated company branding, SearchBar Marketing can help.

Let us help you with an initial consultation to review what you currently have for your website presence.  Some times we have found a redesign isn’t necessary, just our assistance in understanding how to use the functionality currently in place.  In other cases, we try to follow this basic checklist to provide you and your company with the tools you need to succeed online:

Is your website easy to manage?
Does your website have the ability to add calendars, price tables, eCommerce products, images and/or text with ease?  If the answer to the majority of these questions is “NO”, then the question of if you are ready for a website redesign may be answered already.  We provide the solution of for our clients to manage their website data.  We train them how to use it themselves, but if they ever need our help, we are right here to assist them.

Does it cost each time you want to make a change to your website?
If you are paying someone to update your website with simple text and image changes because that is the only way to improve it, you may want to give us a call or establish a meeting for a quick consultation.

Is your website mobile friendly?
If you pull up your website on a mobile device; iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. and are having to scroll left-to-right or increase the section of the site you want to read information from, you may not need a full website redsign, but added functionality to make your website mobile friendly.  Based on the current Content Management System (CMS) your website is built with, we have a few options for assisting with this effort.  We can either create a stand-alone mobile website, add in functionality for the user to see a different design/theme ( only) when viewing on mobile device or build a new site for you with either a responsive or mobile design technology.

Does your website incorporate your Social Media accounts?
Most up to date CMS systems have the ability to incorporate your Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube accounts.  If your site doesn’t have your social media accounts tied in, then you are potentially missing out on generating traffic to your website.

Is your site Search Engine Optimized?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become more of a science than simply typing in a bunch of company related keywords.  Nowadays your website rank can get docked points in website graders for having keyword stuffing in place.  Be sure to consult with SearchBar Marketing for your company’s SEO needs.

If your company or personal site needs help, give SearchBar Marketing a call or submit your website redesign information here.


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