Website Design Process

The website design process includes establishing a complete project definition and scope, installation of the hosting environment, creation of the initial design, website development and revisions, browser and device testing, website launch and ongoing site maintenance.

Install & Design

Each hosting installation and design is unique. We establish a temporary URL for you to follow the process and view the design and functionality.  Weekly calendar notifications are also established for tracking projects steps

Revise & Test

Once the initial design process is complete, we send the URL to our client and establish a time for a call or meeting to review.  We complete two rounds of revisions and once all revisions are complete, we establish a launch date.

Launch & Maintenance

We conduct a final review where we go over everything with a fine-toothed comb. We schedule launch dates on the weekend, finalize SEO, add Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and provide a post-launch update.

Design aligned with client strategy.

Well-designed websites offer more than aesthetics. They attract visitors and help people understand your brand.

Website Design Process

1. WordPress Hosting Environment Installation

We establish a secure hosting environment on our server with a temporary URL where we will review the site from initial creation to website launch.  This is established under a IP address along with a description specific to the client.

2. Weekly Calendar Notifications

Establishing a calendar notification helps both parties stay on track with the project process and deliverables without the use of project management software.  Included is what you will receive in the notes section of the calendar invite:


This notification is for keeping a weekly update on current project(s) in process. It is not meant for a call or face to face meeting unless otherwise noted. Please let me know if I can help with comments or questions.

( ) – Project Approved
( ) – Deposit Received
( ) – Content Received
( ) – Hosting Installed
( ) – Initial Design
( ) – Feedback/Revisions
( ) – Final Revisions
( ) – Website Launch
( ) – Balance Received

3. Defining Design & Functionality

In the initial proposal, we provide 3 design templates as examples to use for building out the website.  If the client can provide a few website examples they like/dislike that would be extremely helpful in this review process.  We review comments/questions based on design functionality and provide working demo examples so during the design process we are on the same page.

4. Production Timeline

Once the design choice is picked and content is received, we begin building out the site with text and graphics.  We require data to be provided via a Microsoft Word or digital text document.  If images are large, we establish Dropbox folders for sharing.  Production timelines for the initial process typically take 4 weeks, but can take longer based on design functionality.

5. Design Revisions & Testing

Once we have reviewed the site fully and made all the final revisions, we establish a launch date and set the site to go live.  We will need domain login credentials and e-mail records for this so please provide as soon as possible. Or let us know the contact who will be responsible for this within the company or service provider with this information.

6. E-mail Service Provider

We prefer Google G Suite for establishing client e-mail. If the client has a hosted exchange server or would like to keep their e-mail elsewhere such as GoDaddy, then additional measures will need to be made to make sure we have the correct information established and so nothing breaks when we launch the site.

7. Questions?

At anytime during the design process, give us a call or send us an e-mail to review ideas for the project. Responses are made within 24-72 hours depending on holiday schedules.

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