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Frequently Asked Support Questions

Can we transfer our domain to you?

Yes. We will need to communicate with the current registrar and review their domain transfer process. Costs associated with the transfer vary from each registrar.

How can we see if we own our domain?

Go to, set the drop-down to a “Whois Lookup”. This provides:

  • Registrar: Where the domain is registered.
  • Name Server(s)*: Where the website is hosted most of the time.
  • *Domain may have an updated IP Address instead of Name Servers.
  • Expiration Date: Date the domain expires.
  • Registrant: Contact information for the domain; Name, Organization, Phone, E-mail


If there is limited information for the domain listed at, try:


A domain may be privately registered and not provide all the information for reviewing.

Do you host e-mail?

No. If e-mail is desired to migrate to a new e-mail service provider, hourly rates apply for assisting in the creation and setup of accounts. Account pricing to be established through e-mail service provider with the requirement of a client credit card.

How can we view our current e-mail host?

Go to Complete an “MX Lookup” for the domain. This will give you the e-mail server information.

Do we own our website?

Clients own textual data and structural design layout of the website.

What level access do we have to edit the website?

Clients are provided with a customized user role. This role provides access to all elements within the site for updating content; adding and updating text, adding and updating images, uploading media files, adding pages and posts, and slight modification of design elements.  Client user role ability to add/modify plugins, add/modify themes and update WordPress is restricted for design and security concerns.  Administrative access is ONLY provided on a limited basis with the client understanding full responsibility of a security breach from their actions will result in hourly support rates for the rectification of said breach.

What does our hosting agreement include?

Website hosting agreements include maintaining a backup* of your website, WordPress updates, theme** updates, plugin** updates and minor website revisions.


*Hosting package limitations apply.
**If a theme or plugin author is no longer supporting the installed item and updating WordPress, PHP, plugins or other site integrations cause the site to error and/or becomes a security concern, the website will need to be redesigned. This fee is NOT covered in website hosting agreements.

What is your support policy?

We provide a 24-72 hour e-mail reply and 5 business days for task completion*. Monthly revisions over 30 minutes require a monthly maintenance agreement in addition to a hosting agreement. Anything estimated to take more than an hour will require a signed agreement. Websites migrated to our hosting environment are subject to agreements for work completed outside the normal hosting maintenance.


*Clients requesting revisions with past due invoices will be placed in the work queue until account is paid in full.

How do you handle license keys and paid plugin renewals?

Additional costs and upgrades for the theme, plugins and license keys are hard costs associated outside of design and hosting fees, not as a paid cost by clients.  All themes, plugins and license keys are owned by SearchBar Marketing.

Can we transfer our website?

Clients with hosting packages consisting of a backup will be provided with the latest backup of their website data along with the assistance of our support team for migrating the website.  Hourly rates apply for assisting in the migration, setup and support of website data.

Do you pro-rate hosting or provide a refund?

Clients electively migrating from our hosting services are not subject for a refund.  The hosting cost allocated has been procured on the server for the length of time and space defined within the agreement.

How do you invoice?

All invoices are sent via e-mail unless requested in other form of communication.  Design project deposit payments are required prior to the beginning of agreements. Design project balance payments are required at the completion of agreements and prior to launching websites. Recurring services will be invoiced until agreements are terminated in writing. Additional services may be added and invoiced at a later date with the addition of a signed Agreement or change order and charged to a client’s payment method with prior approval. All agreements automatically renew unless terminated with ninety-day (90) notice preceding the renewal date.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash, check and credit card payments are accepted. Credit cards stored on file will be processed within the month of annual hosting agreements.  Project balance payments will be processed at the discretion of SearchBar Marketing.

Why is my account suspended?

Accounts will be suspended due to non payment on the last day of the invoiced month.

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