Mobile Site vs Responsive Website Design

Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski

Mobile Site vs Responsive Website Design

Everyone is asking the question about how important it is to have a mobile friendly website.  Your customers are going mobile.  That should be enough to answer the question, but let us elaborate.  How are you evolving your online presence to continue to reach your target audience?

In recent articles, I found where as many as 75% of client website visits are coming from mobile devices.  If you have Google Analytics, you can tell exactly how much traffic you are receiving on a daily basis from these devices.  If you do not have Google Analytics installed on your website, then I advise you to pick up the phone, give us a call, or submit a request for an appointment via the contact form listed on our Contact Us page.

I found this link to Luke Wroblewski’s book Mobile First.  He makes great points in his book and there are a few others that are great reads from A Book Apart.  If you are unaware of the differences between a mobile and responsive website designs, it may take more than this read, so give me a call and we can assist in breaking down why your company should either have a mobile site design or a responsive website design.

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