How To Maintain Online Optimization

Maintaining Search Engine Optimization

How To Maintain Online Optimization

Maintaining one foot in front of your competition can be a tedious task especially in the world of search engine optimization.  Where do you begin with online optimization, social media?  Let’s look at a few areas to keep in mind when optimizing your online presence.

Website Header and Page Descriptions
When you fist establish your website or a client’s website, be sure you name the site properly and add appropriate keywords for the site to be found.  In the header, name the site following the 60 character limit search engines will display for titles.  Provide a description following the 160 character limit search engines will display for the page.  Add keywords to each page for maximizing traffic based on the services provided by the website or company.  Depending on the content management system you are using, you will be able to use a plugin to assist with these areas.  WordPress offers the integration of All In One SEO and WordPress SEO By Yoast.

Image Titles, Captions and Descriptions
When adding an image to your website, be sure you upload an image with a correct title.  Make sure it wasn’t still named after the naming convention of your camera.  Example:  128402mc.jpg.  Something more appropriate such as “Search Engine Optimization.jpg” is best when adding an image to this blog post.  Also make sure you add alternative text to the image so when a user hovers over the image it will display.  Image descriptions are greatly helpful for those who have page readers installed.  Be sure to describe the image as you would want to see it with your eyes closed.

Maintain Relevant Content
It is hard to stay up to date with blogging, tweeting, Facebook posting and adding new page content to your website believe you me.  However, it is a highly important part of leap-frogging your competition when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines cache on a daily bsis and when they see you have new content on the regular, they put you higher on the search engine rank list.  Establish a schedule for posting and set dates for automatically posting content.

Inbound Marketing Tactics
What are you doing to create inbound traffic?  Are you sending e-mail newsletters each month or at least quarter?  Are you providing a giveaway or special to create interest in your product?  Along with creating relevant content, put out there a way to give back and you will see a great increase in followers.

Your Website’s Conversion Path
Once you have established ways for users to get to you online, how are you set for converting those leads?  Google Analytics provides great tools for tracking your website traffic.  Create designated and optimized landing pages for each marketing campaign or inbound marketing outlet to track your return on investment (roi).

Your Value Proposition
Why would I follow your company or website?  As we mention in our inbound marketing tactics, offer some type of value incentive for the client once they get to your site or organization’s online presence.  This doesn’t have to be anything large, but one thing people do like is a value or as we call it in America, something free…

If you are having trouble with your search rank, optimizing your online presence or have simple questions related to search engine optimization, give us a call or send us an e-mail today!


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