How To Add Texture To Website And Mobile Design

How To Add Texture To Website And Mobile Design

Laying out the wire-frame of a website and mobile design can be a tough task in itself.  Creating depth by including the correct fonts, layers and textures, heck, it may seem like you’re back at square one.  If you thought picking out the right pair of sneakers was tough, think about how I feel when promoting a client’s brand online.

Sometimes the initial ideas we provide are a hit, sometimes they’re a miss (which we resolve, hey, everyone makes mistakes) and then there are areas where only a small amount of tweaking needs to be completed for the home run.  “But SearchBar, where do you get inspiration?”

A simple Google search will suffice with the amount of information that is stored in their database.  But to be honest, inspiration is all around us, especially if you live in Kentucky or an area that experiences the four seasons.  The way the colors of spring are beginning to pop around us as the trees bloom.  Easter lilies will show up once we have some warmer weather.  Mother nature’s color combinations provide great ways to integrate them into a client online branding presence.  When those fail, here are a few online areas we found helpful in gathering ideas

If you are unable to get inspired, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll help in any way possible!

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